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Beuger . Cage
played by Jürg Frey

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EWR 9607

Antoine Beuger, John Cage
Jürg Frey, Klarinette

The movement which occurs throughout the program played here by Jürg Frey, is one of becoming, of unceasing becoming; that means: of time. Becoming has no starting point and no desire to reach a close. lt cannot be localized. lt is unseizable, even in the smallest interval between two points in time. lt occurs imperceptibly, in the simultaneity of ,,not yet" and ,,already gone". Becoming is never presence. That is why becoming occurs in silence. lt appears as though nothing takes place - then, as it turns out, something irreversible has happened.

In ,,dialogues (silence)" by Antoine Beuger; this concept is made perceptible. Each sound structure is preceded and followed by silence. Between the silence after a sound structure and the silence before the next one, one hears the sound of a page being turned: the sound of silence between the silences.

When music abandons itself to complexity, tapping into the infinity of possible differences in sound, becoming also occurs, as it were, while one's back is turned. lt is never equal to what is going on, but merely passes through.

,,Music for One" by John Cage is characterized by the presence of both directions: infinite extension of the moment in silence; infinite diminution of the time-space in complexity. lt is however not the diversity which distinguishes this music, but its equanimity.


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