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Peter Schneider
Zeitgehöft / Sternstunde

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EWR 0101

Urs Peter Schneider
Zeitgehöft: Radermacher, Schneider
Sternstunde: Radermacher, Tüller, 
Gaugler, Klassen, Bühlmann, Schneider

ZEITGEHÖFT (1976), concept for two pianos, is a mourning music. Here Schneider writes twenty-two stanzas of temporally and spatially carefully approached sounds, each flowing into considerable resonances. The work, commissioned by the Bernische Musikhochschule, is defined as a set of rules and algorithms and allows for numerable possible performance versions. It is dedicated to music author Thomas Meyer and was inspired by the twenty-two words in thirty-three syllables of one latestpoem from Paul Celans estate ( An die Haltlosigkeiten/sich schmiegen).

STERNSTUNDE (1985-86), opera in six images,applies imperceptible cyclical changes, simultaneously related to singing voices, speaking voices, toys and percussion, as its sole, homogeneously treated material. Besides his work in pure and rigid composition, especially in the surroundings of chamber music, Schneider always has been involved with theatre, language and staging, before realizing his first and probably last opera, commissioned by the Swiss Radio Corporation, for the present as a contribution to the,as it seems, forgotten genre of radio opera.

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