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Craig Schepard
On Foot

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EWR 1101
Craig Schepard
Antoine Beuger (flute), Katie Porter (clarinet), Christian Wolff         (melodica), Jürg Frey (clarinet), Tobias Liebezeit (percussion),
Marcus Kaiser (cello)

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This compact disc contains recordings of pieces from the 2005 project On Foot, on
which Craig Shepard walked 250 miles in 31 days across Switzerland. Every day, he composed a new piece, wrote it down, and performed it outdoors in a public space such as a bridge, public square, intersection, or mountain-top. The pieces are intended to frame the everyday sounds of the place in which they are heard.
The performances on this CD were recorded in the work spaces of the performers.
Careful listening will reveal the everyday sounds of these spaces, including furnaces, crows, traffic, fish and distant church bells. When played on home stereo equipment, the pieces frame the everyday sounds of the listener’s home.

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