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Eva Maria Houben
works for flute

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EWR 0703/04
Eva Maria Houben   
Anne Horstmann, flute

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calme, silence, solitude for piccolo solo, quelques riens for mauritius flute and moments musicaux for bass flute constitute a trilogy, composed by eva-maria houben for flutist anne horstmann.
they may also be performed individually.
the mauritius flute is a traverse flute made of speckled bamboo.
its seven holes are burned into the wood.
the scores of this trilogy contain the note: "hector berlioz abgehört" ("upon listening to hector berlioz").
the titles allude to  french composer hector berlioz: one of the first to radically expand the listening space by his reference to "nearly nothing" ("presque rien").
"calme, silence, solitude" is a quotation form one of his scores.
jubilatio for mauritius flute (2007) is a kind of wordless singing that could go on and on without ending:
singing to oneself.

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