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Istvàn Zelenka  

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EWR 0602
Istvàn Zelenka
electronic music

this cd is not conceived just to be listened to.
supplemented with a simple "score", it may induce a "performance at home".
you are invited to experience with your ears, eyes, body and mind, the space of your everyday life, your home, "colored" a little bit differently, alone or in the presence of one or more close persons.
the cd consists of a one hour sequence of sounds, three times interrupted by substantial silences.
the "score" contains 7 suggestions for simple activities.
adjust the playback-level (not too loud), so you can effortlessly hear the sounds of phontaine everywhere at your home.
the ideal time to perform phontaine would be twilight or daybreak, but you could play it at any other time of the day, as well.
perform all activities suggested in the score quietly and without haste. otherwise
it is entirely up to you, how to spend the time with phontaine.
concerning phontaine
phontaine was an essential part of the project  phon mir aus : ein - 1 modell, developed in collaboration with Peter Trachsel and produced by HASENA institut für (den) fliessenden kunstverkehr (Dalvazza, CH) and Verein Schichtwechsel (Schaan, FL) autumn 1997 in 16 private homes and on the streets of Vaduz-Nord.
phontaine constituted the first part of the project wohnwitzig / Traktat / ladenfroh, developed in collaboration with mit Mario Portmann and produced by Theaterfabrik Altenburg-Gera in private and public spaces in Gera and Jena (D) autumn 1998.
phontaine’s life before life, though, has begun much earlier, 1984 as an installation at the Alten Stadtgartnerei Basel. Since that time phontaine has functioned in a variety of public and private contexts, in varying arrangements and forms.

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