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Shim . Schlothauer . Werder . Inderhees
Q-O2 plays Wandelweiser

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EWR 0104
Kunsu Shim, Burkhard Schlothauer, Manfred Werder, Carlo Inderhees
Ensemble Q-O2

"The music of Wandelweiser is avant-garde. It is, in the truest sense of the word, experimental: without a predictable outcome. It involves the integration of silence, which, since it hardly ever actually occurs in a concert situation, cannot not be controlled by the composer.

Wandelweiser music does not tell the listener what he should hear or feel. The music is practically naked, the structure quite easy to hear: there is no attempt to disguise it.
A piece is often no more than a frame for that which cannot be planned - for silence. Traditionally it is silence which is a frame for tone: here the negative has turned positive.
The performance space and the listener have an unusually strong influence on the reception and creation of the piece.

Wandelweiser is not only a kind of music, it is also an idea.

The player‘s experience is exceptionally physical. Because of the sparseness of the sounds, every aspect of the production, timing and structure of each tone is given a significance. The musician requires complete equilibrium, the highest concentration and a nearly philosophical understanding of the background, structure, vision and musical idea.

The music of Wandelweiser is radical and usually has very little in common with conventional new music repertoire or concert situations. It does not allow compromise. Therefore it is quite important for the performer to communicate a kind of security to the listener so that he can get involved in the piece.

For several years this music has been a unifying thread in our programs. If the differences between one piece and another seem small, continuous involvement with them proves to be reinforcement rather than repetition."

(Julia Eckhardt, Artistic Director of Ensemble Q-O2, Brussels, in the CD booklet.)

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