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the gift
rubén turba & minami saeki
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EWR 2305
rubén turba
minami saeki (voice, viola and objects) rubén turba (amplified surfaces, electronics, recordings)


rubén turba & minami saeki
the gift (2020)

01           the gift. realization 1
02           the gift. realization 2
03           the gift. realization 3
04           the gift. realization 4
05           the gift. realization 5
06           the gift. realization 6
07           the gift. realization 7
08           the gift. realization 8
09           the gift. realization 9
10           the gift. realization 10
11           the gift. realization 11
12           the gift. realization 12
13           the gift. realization 13

minami saeki (voice, viola and objects)
rubén turba (amplified surfaces, electronics, recordings)
special thanks to: tania, elena, bea, claudia & laura (voices on track 10)

audio excerpt:

►  the gift, realization 2 (05:25)

►  the gift, realization 4 (04:50)

►  the gift, realization 10 (05:47)

►  the gift, realization 12 (05:34)


the gift

(june, 2020)

for two musicians, or more

each musician should think about the other (or one of the others, if you are more tan two) and choose five sounds. these sounds - mainly simple, mainly short - should be chosen having the other musician in mind: as warm, gentle gifts for him or her. each sound may be played once, twice or, at most, three times. after moving to another sound, the musicians shouldn’t go back and repeat any previous sound. the sounds may be played anytime within the duration of the piece.

each musician may organize the placement of the sounds previously (fixed in time as a result of a chance oper- ation, his/her intuition, etc.) or just while performing. the musicians may or may not listen to each other while performing. both ways a new gift will appear.

when the piece is performed by more than two musicians, you should agree that all the musicians will receive their own gifts.
rubén turba

between june 2020 and may 2021 we did these realizations of the gift. we recorded our own parts of the piece (minami in tokyo, rubén in madrid) without previously listening to each other’s recordings. then the recordings were just put together without any modification or editing. the only prior agreement was to set the duration of each realization around five minutes
minami & rubén