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andré o. möller
a labour of love
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EWR 1906
andré o. möller
electronic music
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andré o. möller (1962)


a labour of love

while listenening to it together the first time, my dear friend and fellow composer antoine beuger surprised me with his idea to release 39th suite (for natalie böhrer). i guess, he was surprised i used sounds that go away - and there were silences too.

circles close

since a good 20 years antoine's mentorship and example inspires my music and my life.

one main inspiration for the content on this album comes from my admiration of natalie böhrer, the amazing visual artist and paintress and spirited loving person.

39th suite (for natalie böhrer)
is a sounding transformation of the numbers of her birthday date in 2018. from those numbers i derived pitches (in just intonation) and their corresponding durations, using one plucked tone of a spinet from christoph schillers beautiful cd spinet, 2016 on edition wandelweiser records (ewr 1611, track 3) and relating it to 6,25 hz as its virtual fundamental.
formally all nine dances of this suite are canons of the pitched material, some rather simple, some more complex.

i did the second piece ungerade (für natalie böhrer) a few weeks earlier (winter, late 2017). the basic material was radio static i had recorded ca. 1998. one condition of that material was its relative lack of odd numbered partials, which led me to the idea to only use odd number pitch relations of that material. the durations correspond to that: a proportional canon structure, once again! during the production of it i felt that it somehow related to natalie, hence the dedication.

andré o. möller, march 2019

1-9       39th suite (for natalie böhrer)
10        87 seconds of silence
11        ungerade (für natalie böhrer)

audio excerpt:
►  39th suite (for natalie böhrer) - 2nd dance (07:36)
►  39th suite (for natalie böhrer) - 4th dance (06:10)
►  39th suite (for natalie böhrer) - 6th dance (06:10)
►  39th suite (for natalie böhrer) - 8th dance (07:36)
►  ungerade  (für natalie böhrer) - (excerpt 15:00)